EDTECH 537: Elements of AI

Earlier this year I discovered this awesome resource on Twitter called Elements of AI that is worth checking out. It is a free course designed to teach what artificial intelligence (AI) is, how it works, and how it is applied. It was built by Finnish developers through the University of Helsinki. It intended for anyone interested in learning about AI and can be used to give credit to students of the university. Upon completion you receive a certificate, and the course can either be done in 6 months with deadlines or go at your own pace.

It was designed to give users from different backgrounds a helpful understanding of how AI is being applied today, the myths involved, and how it could be implemented in the future. This is the first part of a course series they are creating to teach AI concepts for the public. The second part is expected later this year which involves more hands on exercises with AI programming involved. This course is a great way to get informed and learn about new technologies, I highly suggest checking it out.

Elements of AI

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