EDTECH 537: Resources to Practice Coding/Programming

As a software developer who is now diving into the education technology field, I felt now it the appropriate time to finally make a list of coding applications that can be used to learn, practice, and challenge faculty and students on a variety of different programming concepts. Since I became a graduate student studying educational technology, I often hear comments or get asked questions by individuals who are interested in learning coding and/or programming but not sure how or where to start.

Some applications on this list are for complete beginners while some are meant more for those who have a little more experience and looking for a challenge. Either way, all the resources can be helpful as learning how to code is not an easy task and sometimes it takes different resources to discover the right teaching method. Some of the resources are also part of an online community, and joining can be very helpful to develop your skills along the way. These are some of my favorites:





Hacker Earth




11 thoughts on “EDTECH 537: Resources to Practice Coding/Programming”

  1. I’ve never heard of any of the resources you posted. I will check them out. All I’ve heard about is code.org, Scratch and Scratch, Jr., and Tinkercad. It’s nice to know there are other resources available.


    1. Same for me, I’ve never heard of these, but have used the ones Alicia shared. I’d love to find more ways to incorporate coding into my class.


    2. Yeah coding isn’t easy at all. I still learn new things each day with the programming areas I work with. Each programming language is like learning a brand new language. Has its own vocabulary, structure and syntax rules. To really understand it you need to be able to think, speak, write, and read it! I like these resources because they are not setup the same, so some may be helpful to you and some not so much. In my experience people learn coding in various ways through different techniques so hopefully one of these will be helpful.


    1. A lot of these resources deal more with programming languages found in backend development which is quite different than HTML/CSS which is front end development. I do really like Code Academy because it has some great tutorials for a lot of different backend programming languages, I just left it out because it is the most popular and commonly known coding resource.


  2. Thanks for sharing this list! I’ll have to look through all of them to see if any of the middle school teachers at my school can use these with their students.


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