EDTECH 537: Student Technology Poll

As a graduate student that is studying education technology without experience as an educator, I thought it could be interesting to create a poll to see how others felt about student technology use.
I am mostly curious to see if educators have different opinions on limitations of technology use with their students or in the classroom in general.

6 thoughts on “EDTECH 537: Student Technology Poll”

    1. My professional experience with AI has been limited and only on the development side. A few years back I interned at a small startup that was working on creating AI assistants to be used in an international business setting but it got shut down rather quickly due to lack of funding, but It was interesting while it lasted. I like to read up on how AI is being used because there are some cool tools and applications out there. Based on concept ideas that have been mentioned or in the process of being created, I feel there is a lot of potential for it be used to enhance education.


  1. I completed the polls! I use my laptop a lot, but mostly cast shows on the tv. However, I do think that students should find some time to go outdoors and enjoy nature.


  2. I really liked your poll on AI in education. I feel that with the big push of data we’re going to start seeing it more and more. One area that I’ve been doing some research in as around predictive analytics and how we can take advantage of the technology to proactively alert us of various items.


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