EDTECH 537: Experiments with Google (video)

A colleague of mine introduced me to this website called Experiments with Google that contains several collections of experiments that anyone can test out and play around with. These Google based experiments range from areas such as AI, VR, AR, Android, etc. and can be useful in understanding how these technologies work and how they can be applied. What is even more impressive is the source code of these experiments are available for anyone to download so users may create their own applications. The developers of the site encourage participation to increase the collection of the site. All of it is free. Even if you are not a developer or understand machine learning, I highly suggest checking out the experiments on this site because they are fun to test out and it is all done within the browser.

This week I have been researching accessibility tools used in education for another class. In this website there is a collection of applications that specializes with the goal of improving accessibility for everyone. The collection is called Creatability. It is a network of supporters and developers within the accessibility community who are creating applications that use web AI based tools for improving education in different areas. Like the other collections on the main site, the Creatability project shares it source code with the goal of users creating their own applications that could be used to improving accessibility and adding them to the collection. This video explains the project and some of the amazing applications that are already part of the collection. Try them out yourself!.

4 thoughts on “EDTECH 537: Experiments with Google (video)”

  1. Yeah there is some really cool applications on that site. Even if you do not plan on building any of the projects with your students, it’s worth sharing or showing them what is possible and may help to create ideas for STEM based learning.


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