EDTECH 537: AR & VR in the Classroom (audio)

I regularly listen to the IoT For All podcast that discusses different forms of technology related to the internet of things. Looking through their library I found three different broadcasts that discusses how augmented reality and virtual reality could be used in different educational settings with detailed examples. For those individuals who are curious about these forms of technology, it may help to hear how they can be applied to enhance education.

AR & VR in Education Part 1: K-12– Focuses on k-12 education

AR & VR in Education Part 2: Higher Ed– Focused on higher education, trade school, and business training.

AR & VR in Education Part 3: Remote Schooling– Focused on remote/distance education.

9 thoughts on “EDTECH 537: AR & VR in the Classroom (audio)”

  1. I got the chance to use VR for the first time in my classroom in May. My district bought two kits with 30 VR headsets in each. I was teaching a unit on space in science. I found a great Google Expedition all about stars, the moon, and the planets. I then edited it to include some of the information from our science textbook. I also created a simple worksheet to go with it. The worksheet was important so that students would take breaks from looking into the headset so they didn’t get dizzy. It was so much fun! Students were really engaged. I hope to use it again in the future. I know Google is also working on making AR expeditions as well. I used this Google Sheet to search through all of the Google Expeditions that have already been created to find the right one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uwWvAzAiQDueKXkxvqF6rS84oae2AU7eD8bhxzJ9SdY/edit#gid=0

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    1. Hannah: Your class project sounds so exciting. What grade do you teach? I have found my students enjoy learning when they can get a chance to be part of the experience.


    2. That is an impressive list of expeditions. VR technology is really fun but it is also a great way to enhance different forms of education. I am sure it made a positive impact on your students’ lives. I loved studying about space and different galaxies as a kid and I could only imagine how awesome it would have been to study the stars in a VR environment instead of plain old pictures in a textbook.


  2. Jake: Thanks for the links to the posts for higher ed and distance learning. I haven’t spent much time listening to podcasts; they have become quite popular. I will let you know what I think.


    1. My girlfriend got me into podcasts and now I usually listen to them while driving or traveling. If you are a fan of the books on tape concept you might like them. There is a lot of free podcast sites and resources out there as well. Great alternative way to get helpful info or entertainment for free.


  3. It would be amazing to be able to share VR in the classroom. Google maps would be so fun! We have done this at home. I have considered taking my Oculus from home to use with my students but my classroom computer will not support it. I would need to bring my home computer to school to run it. I haven’t taken that step yet. Maybe this will be the year I do. The students would love this!


    1. I agree, using VR in the classroom would be awesome for kids to experience. It is always fun to see people experience Oculus for the first time. My experience with Oculus has been more related to gaming or business but I could see it being a great way to get students excited to participate in lesson plans like the one Hannah mentioned.


  4. Thank you for sharing these podcasts! I’m adding them to my list for my work commute and travel. I’ve done a bit of AR/VR in my classroom, and I’m always looking for more ideas on how to better implement this in my classroom. There are so many opportunities to engage students with science!


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