EDTECH 543: Social Media Assignment/Projects

Click image to see curation collection

This week’s assignment was a little challenging for me mostly because I am not a teacher nor do I have a teaching background. However I do have experience with teaching/training (depending on how you look at it) faculty on how to utilize online tools to improve the quality of their courses and lesson plans. I decided to use this as the topic for this week’s assignment, by finding ways to use social media to improve educational lesson plans.

Finding content for the curation collection was difficult because results for actual lesson plans utilizing social media seem rare. Most results found lists or just “ideas” on how instructors can use different social media platforms to improve their courses and communication between students. The resources I did include in my collection vary but a common theme is how to setup and use different social media applications in an educational setting. Networking, collaborating, and communicating were all important parts of every resource.

While my collection set might not fulfill the requirements of the assignment, I feel the resources I have included actually benefit me for what my future goal of the MET program is. It also opened my eyes to ways you can improve coursework and make lesson plans interesting just by utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. For those planning on instructing younger generations, these are important ideas and skills to understand.

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