EDTECH 543: PLE Diagram

My PLE Diagram

After creating my PLE diagram, I noticed how many resources I use that are more affiliated with software development than instructional design. I do not find this to be a bad thing but it does encourage me to expand to other tools that pertain more to online learning.

This week I decided to utilize LinkedIn to join several groups associated with instructional design and eLearning to seek out new network connections and resources. I forgot how the process of joining a new community as a newbie felt, but I was welcomed with open arms and actually made a few new connections as well as new resources I have already begun to use.

I do expect my PLE diagram to look a bit different in the near future when I finally make to jump from software development to instructional design. More room will have to be created to share everything once I am fully integrated into my new communities!

When comparing my PLE diagram to my peers the major thing I noticed is visual presentation. If an outsider was to view our PLE diagrams without knowledge of what they were to represent I believe mine might be the most confusing due to how I designed the way the sections connect to one another.

As for how we classified our applications, some of us had similar ideas while some were classified very different. With some applications I was not sure how to classify them because I see them as belonging to multiple sections. I saw with some of my peers that instead of choosing one section they added applications to multiple sections that they felt they belong to. I also noticed some of my peers included sections that I felt I should have added and applications I use often but did not include.

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