Mission & Vision Statement

We live in a digital age where people are more connected than ever before. No longer is the internet considered an accessory, but basically a necessity to partake in everyday activities. Through the use of different technologies and applications, people are able to access information from never-ending resources that provide new learning opportunities. Understanding how to use these new digital tools and devices has also become skills that have become requirements in the real world.

The goal of education technology is utilizing new technologies to improve student success. These ideas can be used to build new and exciting learning methods while also building upon and improving older existing learning models to increase student motivation. Using digital tools and devices in lesson plans also teaches students skills that are required in the current digital state we live in.

Education technology is also about accessibility and not just for students but educators as well. The use of digital formats and tools allows the ability to participate from almost anywhere. Online collaboration applications allow individuals the ease of effectively working together and sharing of materials while maintaining a high level of organization. There are also digital technologies that can be used to present different perspectives on learning materials to help educate wider audiences.

Taking a connectivist approach to learning when integrating technology into lesson plans may be a newer concept, but connecting learners and educators to a larger network offer quite the investment. Being associated with these learning networks allows participants the ability to access and share materials at any given time which can increase learner success. Being a part of these networks also gives the opportunity to learn from each other no matter the skill level or role of the participant. Making use of digital tools and learning through collaboration adds to the skill set and success of the learner’s future.

Roblyer, M. & Hughes, J.E. (2019). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (8th ed.). Massachusetts: Pearson.

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