EDTECH 522: Module 6 Reflection

In this course I learned more than I expected about the approaches you need to use when working with adult students. As an adult student myself, it really helped to explain how past learning experiences of my own have either worked well or not at all. For example, it is best to make the learning content revenant to how it will be practiced or it is applied outside of the classroom. This approach helps to connect to it by seeing how it used and leads to retaining the knowledge learned. Another excellent approach to adult learning is to incorporate active learning strategies and having real world relevance to activities. These help to keep students more engaged and motivated to learn. By having assignments similar to projects you would conduct at the professional level, the student will probably also view it as actual work experience so they will feel more prepared to apply the knowledge into professional practice after the course has ended.

I also got introduced to a lot of really cool technologies in this course. Many of the resources I have saved and plan to utilize them in the near future. Flipped classrooms are also a concept I have known about for some time now but not really seen in action, and that is something I would be interested in helping to implement for educators in the future.

Creating the rich media tutorial was a lot of work but it ended up being very beneficial to myself. I do plan on keeping this and using this in the future to share with others. I do plan on continuing my online course I designed. I really do wish I was able to complete the project 100%, but I have plans to continue it at some point because it is something I have wanted to build for almost 2 years now. It will be done! I feel my software development background combined with the tech knowledge used with adult learning will really prepare myself moving forward with my goal of instructional design/ online teaching. I believe I am ready to move on to the next level.

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