6 thoughts on “EDTECH 537: Journal Blog Activity”

  1. I think this is a great activity! Building an app would be a lot of fun but it would be difficult. I think that’s great that students could use the blog to get feedback and help from their peers.


    1. Exactly! Peer feedback and getting a different perspective really can help students get a better understanding of the concepts involved. Especially when building a mobile app!


  2. I like how detailed your rubric is. It covers all necessary criteria from content to requirements. Regarding your activity, that’s a great way to utilize blogs to have them reflect. Hopefully, by their blogs being public, that’ll influence their work ethic since other people can view their progress.


  3. This is a really cool activity! I love how you have everything broken down by week. And, your rubric is exceptionally detailed!

    A couple years ago, when my students were doing Genius Hour projects, they blogged about their journey. My friend’s class in Colorado was doing a similar project, and we exchanged blog links to comment on each other’s blogs. Having an authentic audience was really meaningful for my students, and we (my friend and I) found that our students’ post quality improved knowing other students were going to read our work. Have you considered finding a blogging buddy class?


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