EDTECH 541: Final Blog Post

There is a lot I have learned in this course that I did not expect. For one I learned how to take technologies I current use and apply them in different ways then I imagined to enhance education. I also have collected a valuable set of resources that I plan on using in the near future.

I feel that my coursework demonstrates the AECT standards by showcasing my ability of using the required technologies to create lesson plans that are displayed on my course website. I have also shown how to properly evaluate the technologies I have integrated into my lesson plans to meet the needs of the potential students. I did extensive research on the planning and designing of my course website to create the best lesson plan activities using different technologies.

Over the last ten weeks I can easily say I have grown professionally as I now feel more prepared on how to enhance education and approach difficult content learning areas to select appropriate technologies. As I am not a teacher, I do feel ready to meet the needs to assist in preparing course development for the better using selected technologies. If tomorrow I was given the assignment to help enhance a content area I am not familiar with, I feel I could handle it with ease after the development of my own personal projects in this course.

When I blog in this course, I take into consideration I am not a teacher but most of my peers are. I had to learn how to approach the material from not just a technical perspective but as an educator as well. I learned from my peers perspectives and I tried to engage as much as I could. Because of this I tried putting my perspective out there for others to provide feedback and guidance, some of which was very helpful. I do not like grading myself, but I would say my blogging efforts were more than satisfactory. Content was outstanding but I will admit my references were more on the proficient scale.

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