EDTECH 541: Relative Advantage of Using Technology to Enhance Content Area Learning

This week I designed a two part learning activity for UX research that relates to social studies learning content. In the first part it requires students to review primary sources related to UX research. Half of the resources are actual real life UX case studies. Through the use of technology students are not only able to access these materials whenever they want, but being able to see firsthand from professional researchers how they setup and conduct their studies gives students a relative advantage for planning/conducting their own research studies.

In the second part of the learning activity, students will be introduced to how they can make a Google Form survey and have the results be integrated into an interactive Google Map to display the participant’s location and results from the survey. Visual representation of the demographics of survey participants can be a very helpful tool for any researcher, especially when presenting to stakeholders. These tech tool add-ons can be a relative advantage to assisting with the UX research process because it gives the ability to “visually” see where participants are located at any given time.

One thought on “EDTECH 541: Relative Advantage of Using Technology to Enhance Content Area Learning”

  1. Giving the students opportunities to see professional researchers in action is a wonderful thing. Researching WELL can be difficult to do, not to mention to teach. This is a valuable lesson for students to learn and will serve them well in life.


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