EDTECH 537: Links Entry

List of helpful resources for connecting with industry professionals in the user experience research field. Whether you are new to UX research or a seasoned professional, the following resources may help to provide you with new perspectives and ways of enhancing your UX research and design skills.

UX professionals to follow on Twitter:

Jared Spool– Over 20 years experience in the UX research. He is the author of multiple books in the UX research field and the founder of the User Interface Engineering.

Indi Young– Qualitative user researcher with focus in problem space research. She is a co-founder of Adaptive Path which helps provide strategy in design leadership. She also blogs at www.indiyoung.com.

Gregg Bernstein– Senior UX researcher and founder of several UX design companies. He also speaks at conferences and lectures for companies around the world. He has also taught UX design coursework at Georgia State University.

Nate Bolt– He was co-founder of Bolt|Peters which was a research design firm that was acquired by Facebook. He has worked as a UX research design manager with companies such as Facebook and Instagram. He now works at Ethnio which was the first moderated remote UX research software.

UX Research Podcasts

  1. User Defenders

  2. UX Podcast

  3. What is Wrong with UX

  4. Shop Talk

UX Research Books

  1. Observing the User Experience

  2. Rocket Surgery Made Easy

  3. Just Enough Research

  4. Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories

5 thoughts on “EDTECH 537: Links Entry”

    1. That is an interesting question as I have been asked that before. I am not sure I have an exact answer but when it comes to UX research and design it does have a lot of input from European based researchers, but I think mostly why most of my resources are from UK has more to do with my professional network contacts and background. Most of the work I do is done remotely and quite often it is with international companies, so a lot of my personal contacts and colleagues in the field are not from North America. Because of this a lot of my resources and tool belt is filled with objects given from working/networking with them. My girlfriend is French so I also worked for a bit in the UK and France a few years back and that’s where I really got into professionally working with UX research.
      Now UX research (ethnography) being used in other disciplines such as anthropology could be a different story, but I only have some academic experiences in that area.


  1. User Defenders included great visuals, podcasts, and blogs. It made me think about how podcasts and blogs are combined to provide information.


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